New York Escape

Last weekend, New York happened.

Here is the recipe for what was a pretty incredible getaway.




– two cloves of friendly roommates

– one pound of real dough

– a pinch of time

– a smidge of spontaneity

Preparation time:

Although you can prepare this weekend ahead of time, it is also a great last-minute classic.

All you need is good humour and great team-work.  Many people say oh yeah let’s make these plans and never actually go through with it, so I’m really lucky to have such motivated roommates. Without them this trip wouldn’t have happened, it’s that simple.

As an appetizer we spent the afternoon in Central Park, kind of like sun-dried tomatoes. And yes, unknowingly, we ended up with our first sunburns of the year. So if I were to repeat this recipe, I’d add a dollop of sunscreen.

Next we had a wonderful side-order of Ramen restaurant experience, with pork buns and cheering when you enter the room. Although you can do this yourself at home, I strongly recommend the authentic experience (found at Ippudo West, in NYC).

The element of spontaneity which truly made this recipe, was seeing les Misérables on broadway. Incredible presentation, voices that send chills down your back, the whole sensory overload that you expect from this course.

The dessert was a platter of fine art with select pieces from Ernst Klimt and Egon Schiele In the Neue Galerie.

Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

Bon Appétit!

Back in Boston

So I got my wish, another placement in the top hospitals in essentially every field of medicine. I was glad to return to Boston and live with my lovely roommates yet again, and even more so that it’s started to warm up since january.

Pineapple ketchup courtesy of

Pineapple ketchup
courtesy of

7 Things I learnt this month:

1) it doesn’t always snow in Boston and people do actually venture outside longer than merely to get from point A to point B.

2) That I definitely want to work with kids

3) that New York is only a 4hr bus ride away

4) that I forgot how much fun blowing bubbles really is

5) that JFK grew up here

6) that there are wild turkeys in the city

7) that soaking pineapple in salt water makes it sweeter 🙂

Boston :)

Boston 🙂

From your hands to mine

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By Hand.”

Perhaps the best and most unexpected gift I ever received was from my friend Marie. We are a group of friends who often came for potlucks to my place. There were never enough chairs or plates but we made do with what we had and it was perfect every time. So when she surprised me with a handcrafted set of matching plates for 6 people. The time and creativity that went into this gift makes it the best present I’ve ever received.

courtesy of

courtesy of

5 Boston things I already miss

courtesy of

courtesy of

I’ve been back in Europe for less than a week, and here are some things that I never thought I would miss. I understand missing certain aspects of Canada, but I only spent a month in Boston, so these cravings are taking me a little by surprise.

1) trader Joe’s: definitely too bad these don’t exist in toronto or in Europe. They have perfected the art of branding. I haven’t met a single individual who doesn’t appreciate this place once they’ve discovered it

2) my roommates: It’s odd to suddenly live in a studio again as opposed to sharing a cold apartment with 3 warm characters. They weathered post-work rants, they made incredible food, they were superb company and I miss them already. With some luck I will be able to see them again this summer.

3) The aquarium at the hospital I worked at. I always thought fish were pretty boring until I learnt how to dive. And the saltwater fish in the entrance hall was a nice reminder of that.

4) free lunch food for all students and residents. Oh the luxury. Especially the Boloco wraps. to. die. for.

5) The laundromat: yeah this one definitely took me by surprise. In Switzerland most apartments either have a laundry machine in the building or in the apartment itself. The downside is that there is one machine, so when I let my state of laundry get to 4 machines, it can take a while. Not only was this Bostonian laundromat close to my house, but it allowed me to do as many machines at a time as I needed, all the while being offered free wi-fi and tv. And you could pay by visa! there wasn’t even any need for those heavy coins they have in the states. 🙂

Yearly Visitor

Mealtimes are sacred in my home. It is a time of togetherness that isn’t to be interfered with; phone calls go unanswered, and hardly anything can distract us from our appetites. So when a falcon chases a bird into our window pane, it is almost with reticence that we look up from our meal. Nobody got hurt; the sparrow hid in the bushes and the falcon took his seat on our maple tree. Then there’s the recognition; i’ve seen this predator before, exactly a year ago to this day.

I remember because it was the 4th day of the black-out in Toronto, in the dead of winter, and seeing this bird was not only one of our only means of entertainment, but it also reminded us that there is life in what felt like pretty hostile surroundings. The cold had seeped into our bones, and the roaring fireplace wasn’t keeping the chill out. The temperatures plummeted from a cozy 25 degrees down to 15 degrees over the course of the 4 days without light or power. What a relief when those lights finally turned back on!

Why had this falcon chosen to return to this particular hunting

MJJ_1391 - Version 2ground 365 days later? Where in his light being does he keep his calendar?

Do you have a particular routine, or a place you return to once every 12 months? If so, do share. For I am curious about these inner clockworks that we sometimes tend to silence in favour of our i-gadgets.