Seven Numbers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

Oddly enough, I have given this some thought the past few weeks. Prior to that, I’d never played the lottery, and never had the desire to do so. However, since such a momentous part of my future is out of my hands this coming year (no, unfortunately doctors don’t get to complete their training precisely where they choose to), I figured I may as well jump on the luck bandwagon.

Getting the residency position of my dreams, seems just as impossible right now, and yet, the odds still beat the actual lottery.

The fun part about buying that ticket, is that it opens up the sense of possibilities. Of course, every bone in your body knows that it won’t happen, and yet, there is that tiny sliver of something we like to call hope. Hope of owning your own house, of being able to fill its rooms with antiquities from distant places of the globe. Hope that you can have a dog because you no longer have to worry about the space, or lack of a backyard, or how much it would cost to get a dog sitter for when you decide to take that weekend trip to Rome on a moment’s notice. Hope of being entirely free of that existential fear we have of ending up on the street. And once your own needs (and certainly some wants) are quenched, then there is that dream of changing the world. You could make a difference by donating to charities that support the issues you want to fight for.

The funny thing about this dream of suddenly having that much money, is that it’s really all about the immediate gratification. Because I well know that with time, I could get that house with the nice little backyard, and the pet dog. I could still go on that trip to Rome, and I could still make a difference in the world by getting involved in charities that matter. This dream, of having millions of dollars, is attractive because it shows you the things you desire in your life. And the anticipation of it perhaps happening, and the possibility it holds, is what makes it so enticing,

So regardless of whether or not you win this week, here is to all the optimists out there, taking a step towards their dreams.

‘Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’.

– Les Brown 

Either that, or you’ll be broke for spending all your money on lottery tickets :p

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