Emotional Forecast

Lifeline 'found on weheartit.com'

‘found on weheartit.com’

I recently watched Dan Gilbert’s Ted Talk again on ‘Why we make bad decisions’, then read his paper forecasting emotion and found it revealing.

You can find his ted talk here:

In short, you may think a certain event will make you happy/unhappy, yet we are fairly bad at making such calls. Someone who wants a job and doesn’t end up getting it, will synthesize happiness by believing it was for the best. In his phenomenal talk, Dan Gilbert goes on to explain that certain situations are more conducive to creating synthetic happiness than others. For instance, having too many choices may leave you less happy than a done deal, as you always what could have been had I made a different decision.

All in all, I strongly recommend this talk, it is uplifting and gives us faith in our own psychological immune system. It makes you see that ‘everything is gonna be alright, no matter what happens’.


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