Four Seasons in one Day

As I was looking up places in the US and Canada for my postgrad training, I decided to also add these places on my weather app. So now, everyday I compare these east and west coast cities and try to picture how these places look year round. Weather shouldn’t really be a determining factor in this decision-making process… and yet, it would seem that the gentle waves and sea breeze of california are slightly more tempting than the frigid northern cities. Really, after this winter, why even bother applying to Montreal, Ottawa or Boston. And yet, I love my four seasons. Christmas ought to be snowed in in my books. Spring should be longer than 3 days. Autumn is incredible up north, where great forests become a kaleidoscope of hues.

Summer Fun courtesy of

Summer Fun
courtesy of

In the end, I guess each place has its perks. And not quite knowing where I’ll end up is thrilling too, albeit nerve-racking.


One thought on “Four Seasons in one Day

  1. If you want four seasons in a day (literally!) you just need to move to Melbourne 🙂 It’s the city where people never leave the house without an umbrella, a sweater, flip flops and sunglasses – you never know! Whenever we told friends that we’re moving to Melbourne we got the same response: Ah, you know – it’s four seasons in a day there! And it’s the city of the infamous “cool change” where temperatures can drop 15 degrees one minute to another!


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