7 ways I can be more successful before breakfast

Whether it’s regarding your professional future or a side project, these tactics help me achieve my goals.

courtesy of weheartit.com

courtesy of weheartit.com

1) Short term goals – ensure that your goals are achievable. One liners that you can easily cross off your list. Seeing the end zone will help you maintain your pace till the finish line.

2) Although it is tempting to keep oneself motivated by having many pots on the fire, limit the number of projects you work on in order to ensure that your projects are followed through to completion.

3) Find out how to combine passion and efficiency. It’s hard to get things done that thoroughly bore you. If you are interested in your project and it has meaning for you, it will be easier to stick with the project.

4) Question everything – things can always be improved. By you.

5) Find your Niche- how can we better our current situation? What does our society need? Sure you can open a used book store, and it may be what you truly want (frankly I would love that), but if your community has no need for it, it will most likely fail. Find out what your peers need and find a way to provide it.

6) Be consistent. There are many people who start several projects and never finish them. If people know they can count on you to follow through, that means a lot.

7) Realize where you lose most of your time. It it’s tv shows or some other procrastination method you are addicted to, figure out how many hours you are losing which you could use to be productive.

It’s not much, but it’s a start.



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