One Step Ahead

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Being in my final year has its perks. Tons of responsibility, being an approximation of a real doctor (5 more months till I’m there!) and hard work appears to be paying off. And yet there is this tension, creeping along in the background. Every day is a new challenge as well as a test. Constant evaluation, constant struggle to be better, more productive, more autonomous. Interview dates are inching closer. Two days from now I will sit opposite heads of this very department and have to argue why they should pick me out of the many candidates. Meanwhile, they speak to our nurses, our residents, our attendings, our patients, to get a sense of the kind of doctor we will most likely become. Our competence is being graded. Are we efficient enough to be a part of their task force? Can we take criticism? Will we break under pressure? Will we get along? Do we play fair? Will we sacrifice our family weekends to prove our worth and dedication? Every day, we push, one step ahead, because looking beyond that is a whole other ballgame. One step closer to what we want. Don’t stop now.


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