5 Boston things I already miss

courtesy of weheartit.com

courtesy of weheartit.com

I’ve been back in Europe for less than a week, and here are some things that I never thought I would miss. I understand missing certain aspects of Canada, but I only spent a month in Boston, so these cravings are taking me a little by surprise.

1) trader Joe’s: definitely too bad these don’t exist in toronto or in Europe. They have perfected the art of branding. I haven’t met a single individual who doesn’t appreciate this place once they’ve discovered it

2) my roommates: It’s odd to suddenly live in a studio again as opposed to sharing a cold apartment with 3 warm characters. They weathered post-work rants, they made incredible food, they were superb company and I miss them already. With some luck I will be able to see them again this summer.

3) The aquarium at the hospital I worked at. I always thought fish were pretty boring until I learnt how to dive. And the saltwater fish in the entrance hall was a nice reminder of that.

4) free lunch food for all students and residents. Oh the luxury. Especially the Boloco wraps. to. die. for.

5) The laundromat: yeah this one definitely took me by surprise. In Switzerland most apartments either have a laundry machine in the building or in the apartment itself. The downside is that there is one machine, so when I let my state of laundry get to 4 machines, it can take a while. Not only was this Bostonian laundromat close to my house, but it allowed me to do as many machines at a time as I needed, all the while being offered free wi-fi and tv. And you could pay by visa! there wasn’t even any need for those heavy coins they have in the states. 🙂


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