10 Friends You Don’t Need

Courtesy of weheartit.com

Courtesy of weheartit.com

On occasion, a thorough spring cleaning in your acquaintances is warranted. It may be that you just went through an ordeal which showed which friends are around in times of need, or it may be that you have very limited down time and need to prioritize.

In any case, here are some friends that may not make the cut.

1) The Condescending Friend

– that person who always seems to know best, makes snide comments and generally brings down your self worth. One of our friends used to say ‘when you are my age’ all the time, despite being 2 years older. He somehow felt that it was sufficient years in wisdom to give us unwanted input at all times.

2) The Sunny Side Up friend

– who is around when things are great, but never on cloudy days

3) The Gossip

– you know you can’t tell her anything that you don’t want the whole world to know.

4) The envious Friend

– who is at your side when you struggle or fail, but who won’t quite be able to be happy for you when you succeed

5) The Attention Whore

– It’s all about him/her. she will make a pass at your male friends, she will tell the most outrageous stories just to get noticed. And one day you realize that with every story, she has a better one to top it, that in the end, you talk about her 90% of the time.

6) The Egocentric Bossy Control Freak

– She is manipulative, you always end up going along with her ideas, plans, suggestions, and when you make mistakes, she will  never quite let you off the hook and remind you of them. And no matter what things always end up being your fault. If neither of you calls the other, it’s obviously you who didn’t call her. Friendship is a two-ways street people.

7) The Desperate Drunk

– Ok, so you cleaned her up, puke and all, cart her out of the nightclub yet again, and you realize this isn’t a one time thing. This isn’t a mistake of ‘They bought me too many shots for my birthday’ or the break-up drunkenness to forget, but this is a recurring theme. This friend never knows her limit, and not only does it ruin the evening for everyone, she is also putting her safety at risk. She’s the person you have to peel off the random stranger at the end of the night in order to make sure she gets home safe. It gets old rather quickly and at some point, she either takes needs to learn to take responsibility for herself.

8) The Self-Pity Friend

– stuck at a dead-end job, with a more or less abusive man, she will perpetually complain without doing anything to change her situation. You savior-syndrome kicks in and you rescue her, build up her esteem, only to see that she went back to him yet again. At some point you have to be careful not to invest too much of your emotions into a friendship like this, because it is immensely draining and puts you at risk for becoming a true cynic. They will change when they are ready to, yet some changes need to occur from within.

9) The liar

You hear their stories and certain things don’t quite add up, and your alarm bells go off.

10) The Bigot

– When your fundamental values differ so strongly that you can no longer agree to disagree.

And yet, with time, with the broadening of horizons, through maturity and learning from mistakes, it is interesting that some friends will change over time, for better or worse. And how remarkable those friends who accompany you over decades truly are.


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