The Wildebeest: 10 Primal Urges that Call Us Back to Nature

In Cities, we often lose touch with nature, and forget our own primal side. These innate behaviours are often masked by a sense of decorum and decency. And yet, as hard as we may try to yield to civilization, there are a few times when we are reminded that we are true forces of natures, to be reckoned with. Inside all of us resonates the call of the wild, and on occasion, we answer.


Primal Urge #1: Food:

– although we live in countries where freezers and refrigerators are fully stocked (albeit not necessarily with the most nutritious fuel), we rarely experience fear of true hunger or material need. (I would just like to say that I am well aware that there are individuals in our wealthy cities that are very much dependent on food banks, so when you get a chance, help them stock up). Yet last night, here in Boston, only minutes before the official Juno Blizzard warning was in effect, the grocery stores were buzzing with people and low on food. Everyone was stocking up as though we were gearing up for a month-long blizzard rather than a 2 day event. It took me three different stores to find milk, and I had to settle for chocolate milk at that, which, seeing as I love chocolate milk, was a lovely excuse to splurge.

– that craving you get for a juicy steak when it’s been a while. Good thing BBQ season is coming up in a couple of months

– the guilt you may or may not experience when you just need to go for the last piece of cake, even though you know it’s your third and you’re being unreasonable. You just have to have it.

– the look I get from coworkers when they realise just how much I eat, and how after 3 hours, I get close to a

mmmh ribs.

mmmh ribs.

sense of starvation yet again. (they warn me that I’ll get fat, but what they don’t know is that I’ve been eating this way for years and it hasn’t kicked in yet). It’s not that I’ll just crave food, I will literally need it or faint.

Primal Urge #2: The Art of Letting Go:

I’m not just talking about sex, which is fun large-13but so obvious, that I shall skip it. The call of the wild is that place where you are so lost in the moment that the rest of the world disappears (I’m talking alarm clocks, tomorrow’s deadline, dogs barking etc). I’m talking about a realm governed by the senses and emotions alone.

Primal Urge #3: Momma Bear Syndrome

Either as a direct side effect of Primal Urge #2: The Art of Letting go, or through careful civilized planning, at some point you may enjoy the terrifying yet thrilling prospects of parenthood. To care for a little being, talk about responsibility. Nobody wants to get between cub and momma bear.

Times the momma bear syndrome may manifest itself (in moms and dads alike):

– your kid gets hurt on the playground, and it may be another kid’s inadvertent mistake/gets in a fight

– anyone lecturing your kid or falsely blaming your kid

– your kid is ill

– any moment your child is in danger or has a close call (eg your kid runs in front of a car to fetch the ball or gets lost at the supermarket)

– you are a proud dad and you’re not so little daughter brings her ‘boyfriend’ home for dinner.

Primal Urge #4: The Man Cave/Boudoir:

– Bears hibernate and we also need time to large-10withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life. Men may have lairs with video games and amazingly comfortable couches; women might have a room where they can walk around in pjs (optional) and read all day and let their hair down and rock out to music, sing, take bubble baths or whatever.

Primal Urge #5: Savior Syndrome

Altruism has baffled evolutionary scientists for centuries. And yet, it prevails through species and continents. Groundhogs alert the pack by screeching and thus putting themselves at risk of being a hawk’s lunch, etc.

There are many forms of altruism, ranging from neighbourly kindness to standing up for those more vulnerable, be it to a bully or worse. Today I’m referring to the kind of altruism that is instinctive. The split second action that is similar to the momma bear reaction but for a stranger, or non-relative. When you put yourself in danger as a gut reaction and then realise, shit, how am I going to get myself back to safety. That courage comes from within your soul and no matter whether or not you aim to be this kind of person, in that moment, it’s not rhyme or reason that makes that call, it’s instinct.


Primal Urge #6: Connection

Human connection, be it mental or physical. Although many of us seek the comfort of solitude (fellow introverts out there), none of us are immune to this urge, to a greater or lesser extent. We all search for our tribe, our pack. What are fast friendships and attraction/”love’ at first sight, if not instinctual connection?

Primal Urge #7: leadership

In most social groups there is a natural order of leadership that is put into place. You can see it in couples, you can see it on the playground, and you can see it at the workplace. Some people lead, others follow, and the leaders are not always those getting the biggest paychecks.

Primal Urge #8: Honesty

Why it is said that kids speak the truth. Why can elderly people get away with being brutally honest. Why is it that politeness equates white lies in middle age?

The frontal lobe of the brain is among other things a center for impulse control. It is one of the last to develop (why adolescents are renowned for poor decision-making), and affected in what we call frontal dementia, where elderly will essentially have no filter, and no boundaries ( with varying degrees of severity).

How good does it feel to let it out?


Primal Urge #9: competition:

whether you are competing for the highest house on the block, the nicest lawn mowing or when you get a little carried away playing card games or team sports, the spirit of competition and the drive to win is always in the back of our minds

Primal Urge #10: confrontation

Whether we live in the land of passive aggressive or prefer a more confrontational approach, we all have to face up to conflict now and again. And for those of you who have a streak of drivers’ rage, watch some YouTube video of the chasing of the bulls in Pamplona.

While it’s important to getlarge-3 in touch with our true nature once in a while, it’s equally necessary to know when to fall back in line. Otherwise, you may end up sleeping in the doghouse.

Cheers guys 🙂

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