I had a Blast in Boston

One week left in this fabulous city. As always, time flies.  Here are some things I will miss:

1) the combo of pulled pork and spicy mango that appears to have infiltrated every cuisine (from mexican food to italian eateries).

2) roommates who make the best bean dip, who leave chocolates for people, and who lend you laundry detergent in times of need. Overall, people who love food as much as I do.

3) working in a hospital that gives you free food at lunch, every day.

4) Trader Joe’s – the grocery store that is one big temptation on the way home from work

5) The kindness of Bostonian strangers

6) the lovely architecture that is omnipresent in this city, the red bricks, the teal coloured windows.

7) the excitement over football playoffs and semi-finals.

8) the multitude of irish pubs around (and that you can get mexican appetizers in them).


So yeah, it’s been fun folks 🙂


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