I thought I’d gotten the hang of this by now:

Sunny Boston


With every new city I find myself in, I learn new things about myself and the world around me. And I thought this time it would be no issue; I was only here for a month, the time would fly by and the biggest challenge by far would be the placement.

Turns out that’s not quite true. I generally feel overbooked and turn down plans on at least one of my weekend nights, just to be able to recuperate and breathe again. I’m a bit of an introvert, and it’s taken me a couple of years to be ok with the idea that I would rather watch an old black and white movie in bed than be in some club with a group of people. Yes, small groups are fine, but when you end up in a club where the only thing to do is dance to crappy music because the music is too loud to carry a conversation; I feel regret that I didn’t just listen to my needs.

This year work has become tougher. So when friday nights roll around, it’s almost with a vengeance that I want to go out on the town, just because I feel like i’ve deserved it.

Either way, I still need downtime either friday or saturday nights.

And here, I suddenly didn’t have any plans to turn down on friday night, simply because I know no one (yet) in this entire country. And suddenly I felt this thing that as an introvert I rarely experience: I felt lonely. (insert self-pity here).

I decided that four weekends of feeling like this would probably be a bit of a stretch. I started looking up ways of heading home next weekend. The plane tickets were about the same price as a transatlantic flight. The train and bus was both expensive and lengthy. Well, renting a car seemed to be the best option:

1) I love to drive. seriously. 8 hours of driving makes my day. I get to turn the music up, and get to be in control of my life.

2) it’s only 8hrs and 30 minutes, as opposed to 14 hours by bus.

3) apparently it’s affordable

4) did I mention how much I love to drive?

So yesterday morning this was a set plan.

Then I proceeded to do some exploring in the wonderful sunny city of Boston, listening to some upbeat songs. I found myself in an irish pub, watching the football playoff game, with guinness and cider and new friends. And the world seemed right again.


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