Loose Ends

loose ends

Hey everyone.

Here’s my ‘introduction’ post. I’ll keep it short. First and foremost, I decided to blog publicly in order to push myself to write more. A friend of mine from Sicily told me that in Italy, there are 3 things one ought to accomplish in one’s life. One is to plant a tree, another to have a child, and lastly, write a book. He may have made it up, but I thought it sounded neat.

I have yet to do any of the above, and although I will almost certainly never publish a book (research articles, yes, check!), but I would really love to write a crime fiction novel, even if I’m the only one to ever read it.

In high-school, we had many writing assignments, which I loved, and dearly miss. In medicine there is an excessive amount of paperwork and chart write-ups. You get lost in the abbreviations and the bare minimum. And little by little you lose your vocabulary, especially since reading for leisure becomes somewhat of a luxury when you work endlessly.

So here I am, making an effort to get in touch with my creative side, whose sole output is usually photography.

The second big motivator is meeting new people who love literature and the art of writing as much as myself. Internet enables us to find like-minded individuals and thereby makes the world a little smaller, more connected.

Anyhow, tomorrow is my first day in a new placement, so I’m out 🙂


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