Yearly Visitor

Mealtimes are sacred in my home. It is a time of togetherness that isn’t to be interfered with; phone calls go unanswered, and hardly anything can distract us from our appetites. So when a falcon chases a bird into our window pane, it is almost with reticence that we look up from our meal. Nobody got hurt; the sparrow hid in the bushes and the falcon took his seat on our maple tree. Then there’s the recognition; i’ve seen this predator before, exactly a year ago to this day.

I remember because it was the 4th day of the black-out in Toronto, in the dead of winter, and seeing this bird was not only one of our only means of entertainment, but it also reminded us that there is life in what felt like pretty hostile surroundings. The cold had seeped into our bones, and the roaring fireplace wasn’t keeping the chill out. The temperatures plummeted from a cozy 25 degrees down to 15 degrees over the course of the 4 days without light or power. What a relief when those lights finally turned back on!

Why had this falcon chosen to return to this particular hunting

MJJ_1391 - Version 2ground 365 days later? Where in his light being does he keep his calendar?

Do you have a particular routine, or a place you return to once every 12 months? If so, do share. For I am curious about these inner clockworks that we sometimes tend to silence in favour of our i-gadgets.


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